Instead of condemning people, let's try to understand them.

When it comes to PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT, there are always some do's and don'ts. Every kind of growth in life has been achieved only after a person has assiduously followed a strict regimen. Without adherence to a strict regimen a stringent set of laws, it is very doubtful if one can develop the right kind of personality. The DO'S : 1. DEVELOP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. 2 .RESPECT AND CARE FOR YOUR FRIENDS. 3 .APPRECIATE rather than DEPRECIATE. 4. LEARN TOLERANCE. 5. WIN CONFIDENCE OF OTHERS. 6. KNOW PEOPLE BY THEIR NAMES. (A person's name in any language is the most beautiful sound to him) 7. FORGIVE PEOPLE. The DON'TS : 1. DON'T RUB OTHERS THE WRONG WAY. 2.DON'T LOOSE YOUR TEMPER. 3. DON'T CONDEMN AND CRITICIZE. 4. DON'T ASSERT YOUR OPINIONS ALL THE TIME. 5. DON'T DISPLAY YOUR PREJUDICES. 6. DON'T COUNTER PEOPLE EVERY NOW AND THEN. 7. DON'T BICKER, ARGUE AND FIGHT.