For everything you want in life, you have to pay a price.

There is always a price for everything you get. There is always a price tag. Pay the price, pay it willingly, for there is no other way to success. Every kind of success that has ever been achieved since the dawn of human history, was bought with a heavy price. Call it hard work, patience, perseverance, dedication, discipline or commitment. One simple truth: Overlook hard work and success will overlook you. Invite this gentleman called 'hard work' into your house, into your heart, into your life and success will follow you as the day follows the night. An amazing part of hard work is the fact that it not only crowns you with success but also imparts a thousand other qualities which the idle lotus eaters never acquire. This applies to each and every field of human endeavor_ managing a hotel, a bank or a factory; writing, speaking, teaching, modeling or painting. Years ago, standing amidst his million dollar empire, Stuart Austin Wier had said, "Don't live in hope with your arms folded; fortune smiles on those who roll up their sleeves and put their shoulders to the wheel."